Where to study in Ecuador

With its world famous biodiversity, beautiful climate, great food and cheap living, Ecuador is a great country to study abroad. With more than 70 universities to choose from, Ecuador has a long history of higher education. Two of its school’s data as far back as the 17th century. To get in a public university, a standard aptitude test must be taken. And to guarantee the quality of the higher education, Ecuador is in the middle of a significant improvement demanding at least a Masters Degree from all of their professors.

$6000 scholarship could be yours

But with so many universities to choose from, in such a small country, it might not be easy to decide where you should go to follow your education in Ecuador. Although Ecuador might not offer the highest ranking education, it can still be very attractive since it offers scholarships of $6000 to students coming from abroad that will save you from a crippling student loan debt. Think about how well your Spanish will become. A superb university would be Universidad de San Francisco de Quito (ranked 68th in Latin America). If this one doesn’t offer your course, you can find more schools online.

shutterstock_340458437Choose your loaction

But to figure out which university to go to. First, you must think well about where you would like to be located. If you are a city person, the county┬┤s capital, Quito, might suit you best. For those who love being high in the mountains, Cuenca is a great option, located 2550 meters above sea level. Prefer the smell of the Ocean? Go to Guayaquil; you will be closest to the coast. And of course, there is the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands for those who would like to study subjects related to Biology or Geography. All great options for an amazing experience.