Universidad Politécnica Salesiana

Universidad Politécnica SalesianaUniversidad Politécnica Salesiana opened in 1994 and in English is known as Salesian Polytechnic University. This college is a private university home in the small town of Cuenca, with no more than 500,000 residents. The university does have one more campus, located in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The school has the same level recognition as other higher education facilities in Ecuador.

The school today is coeducational and was at one time affiliated with the Catholic Church but soon became a regular university and allowed other students to attend, regardless of their religion. The university only offers Bachelor’s degrees in Art and Humanities, such as Fine Arts, History, and others; Business and Social Science like accounting and social work to name a few; Engineering such as mining and metallurgical, geological engineering, and computer and IT Engineering; Science and Technology like Zoology/Veterinary services, Chemistry, and Energy/Environmental Studies.

The university does offer a few extracurricular activities and of course help with administrative paperwork etc.

For students that are looking for a higher education facility where they can obtain a Master’s degree or doctorate degree, then this is not the university for you. They do offer international exchanges and do not provide any information on their website about the tuition fees for local or international students. No financial aid programs or scholarships are mentioned and since the cost of the courses is not mentioned, it would be in your best interest to learn more about the costs before you enroll and compare them with other colleges in the area.

Even tough Universidad Politécnica Salesiana has been listed as one of the highest rated universities in Ecuador, there are also several other universities that you should check out before making a decision on where you will want to enroll on a program in the career of your choice.