Popular Spanish Learning Programs in Ecuador

After just settled in Ecuador, be it in Quito, its capital city or any other location, both tourists and students who are spending some time in the country, will need, at some point, to take a Spanish language course in order to be able to communicate with others.

This page covers some of the best Spanish learning programs available in Ecuador, enabling all those who need to learn the language quickly and efficiently to be able to find a learning center that fits their necessities.178470111_learningcore_616x418_tcm21-12064

  • Simon Bolivar Spanish School: those who find themselves stranded in Ecuador and wish to learn Spanish would make the right choice in joining this school. Probably one of the best of the country, it offers its participants impressive professionalism and the extensive experience of numerous teachers. Having as its main goal, the promotion and presentation of the numerous natural and cultural heritage sites of Ecuador, it can amaze people through its learning program;
  • Montanita Spanish Language School: enjoying the culture and lifestyle of Ecuador can also be achieved by learning the language, and Montanita Spanish Language School is the living proof of that. Being located on an impressive beach with impressive views, it will allow students to enjoy the seaside view while studying in class;
  • Yanapuma Spanish School: having facilities in both Ecuador and Peru, this school distinguishes itself for enjoying an international reputation for being one of the best Spanish language learning centers for international students;
  • Cristobal Colon Spanish School: located in Quito, this school will be the best choice for students who prefer being in the center of the city, near numerous restaurants, shopping centers and various night life centers;
  • Canoa Spanish Language School: located on the stunning beaches of Ecuador, this school will offer students a relaxing atmosphere, which is filled with joy thanks to a personalized, one-on-one tutor experience.