Getting Ready to Study Abroad in Ecuador

A summer studying in Ecuador is a good way to get some exposure and spend some time in a different country. It allows you to travel, but before you go to study abroad in Ecuador, the move abroad will require a fair amount of planning and there are some things you must know. After all, you will be gone for months!

Universities and Opportunities

Do your homework and research the universities that are open to foreign students and offer summer programs. Also, narrow down on your preferred subjects and what you would like to learn about. Ecuador offers excellent programs on biodiversity, conservation, ecology and history among other options. Studying in the classroom is one thing and studying in the field is another. Practical experience will help you land better paying jobs.

Arts, History and Culture640px-ecuadorian_dress_carnival_del_pueblo_2010_london

Those of you who are interested in the history and culture of Ecuador, you will find that the country is rich in history as well as culture. Tigua people are famous for using bright colours to create unique and antique artefacts like masks and drums among other items. You will also find many painters selling paintings of landscapes, old symbols and events of historical importance. These are worth taking back home to show your family and friends what you have learned and understood about the people and culture of the country.

Learn Spanish Language

If you do not speak Spanish then now is the time to learn it, and if you already know a few words here and there, then this is a great opportunity to hone your skills further. Spanish is a great and fun language to learn, and it will come in handy on your exploits, especially when you are visiting Ecuador.

So make sure you are well prepared and have done your homework before you visit Ecuador for your further studies. If you are looking for more information on Ecuador, please visit