Finding the right path: The best way to study in the US

If you are an international student considering studying abroad in the US, you might feel overwhelmed about the application process, the requirements, the timelines; as well as the idea of moving out of your comfort zone into an entirely new culture with a new language.

If this sounds familiar then you are probably a great candidate for a Pathway Program; also know as bridge programs, are an opportunity for international students at the undergraduate or graduate level to attend school in the US to study English as a second language, while also taking credit courses that will count towards their degree. 

In Pathway Programs, the idea is to bridge the skill-gap a student might have, and build up their knowledge and qualifications so that they can gain admission to the program of their choosing. It is important to keep in mind that these programs usually last one academic year, and they do not end with a degree.

Pathway programs are especially helpful in helping international students build the necessary language skills to keep up with the academic demands of their courses, it also gives them more time to choose a major after testing the waters with courses that range across their interests. They can also increase the chances of students gaining admission to the program and school of their choosing, while giving them the time to adjust to the US culture. In short, Pathway Programs are designed to lower the stress and anxiety that often accompany the idea of studying abroad.