Choosing a higher education institution can be a very difficult choice. This website has been created to give you an overview of the top universities in Ecuador and even to give you the opportunity to compare the different universities in the country.

At the top of the list of universities in Ecuador are:

  • Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral
  • Universidad Tecnica Particular De Loja
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador
  • Escuela Politécnica Nacional
  • Universidad San Francisco de Quito
  • Universidad Politécnica Salesiana
  • Universidad de Cuenca

From the above list of different universities you will find on this website that a few have been reviewed and we have provided you with the type of courses that are available, along with the size of the cities and the number of students that enroll annually.

We have also included a page that will help you compare the universities so you can make an educated decision on which university is the one you wish to call home.

Most of the universities do accept international students which are often a huge help when it comes to financing a college degree especially if you are from the United States. Local student’s tuition fees are often less than international but when you compare the prices to the same degree in the United States you can save a huge amount of money.

Enjoy browsing our website and learning about the top universities in Ecuador and then make the decision that will help you with your desired career decisions and help you make better choices.